January’s claim to fame – is that it is on average, the coldest month of the year within most of the Northern Hemisphere. 

Our weather will most likely be cold and gray with temperatures ranging from cold to very cold. Riding is still possible and many of us will venture out on snow covered trails or work in covered arenas when temperatures allow to keep our furry friends moving and happy.

These winter days can easily make you want to sleep in or cuddle up with a hot chocolate next to warm fire.  Some may experience cabin fever or the winter doldrums but there is a solution, it is the perfect fit for cold and dreary days. Grab a book & read!  Let books be a source of inspiration, knowledge, and adventure. A good book, a KRC mug filled with hot chocolate, or a Snowflake is guaranteed to mitigate those winter doldrums.

Featured Book:

The Hills Around MeImtiaz Fiona Griffiths – Published in May 2021

This wonderful book is a memoir by local equestrian Fiona Griffiths.  Griffiths’ story takes us on a journey from her childhood in India where her love for horses begins to her life in Canada. Fiona tells me that it was through the encouragement of local Veterinarian, Dr. Alex Wales that the book became a reality. Fiona is still operating Trapalanda Farms in Kelowna.  https://www.facebook.com/Trapalanda.Farms.Kelowna/  The book is available through Amazon, Mosaic Books, and the Okanagan Regional Library.

Suggested reads:  If you have a favourite that you would like to share let me know and I will add it to the list.

The Winter Horses, Philip Kerr

The Perfect Horse, Elizbeth Letts

Snowman – The Eighty-Dollar Champion, Elizabeth Letts

The Ride of Her Life, Elizabeth Letts

Chosen By a Horse, Susan Richards

Borrowed Horses, Sian Griffiths

Horses Never Lie About Love, Jana Harris

Half Broke Horses, Jannette Walls

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, Charlie MacKesy

Out of the Clouds, Linda Carrol & David Rosner

Horses Never Lie, Mark Rashid

 Balancing Act, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann,

Dressage School: A Sourcebook of Movements and Tips. Isabell Werth

As we will begin our journey of 2022.  Each calendar day may now be blank but there lies within that space the potential for us to shine.  Let’s saddle up and fill each of the 365 days with learning, camaraderie, and good times together at the Kelowna Riding Club.

Thank you to all our Bronze sponsors!