About the Kelowna Riding Club

The Kelowna Riding Club is a non-profit facility run by volunteers. We welcome all new members, whether you are a rider in any discipline or a horse lover (non-riding memberships are available). We are not a boarding or teaching facility, rather we are a gathering place for equestrian sports. Members are welcome to use the four rings at our 10-acre facility to exercise and train their horses.

Shelby & Willow Photo By Shelby
Kathrin & Allegro
Kathrin & Allegro
Audrey & Cappuiccino Photo- KRC Gallery

We also welcome coaches to come and provide lesson programs on site. We hope you will consider becoming a member of this Kelowna institution! The club is officially in its 50s but has been in existence since the early part of last century – perhaps as early as 1898! 

Please click HERE to review the Kelowna Riding Club’s constitution and bylaws. As of Jan 6th, 2021.