About the Kelowna Riding Club

Facility rentals: The grounds and or Clubhouse are available for rental to members and non-members. Please see our Facilities page for details.

Emergency Evacuation: During fire season the KRC stalls may be used for emergency short- term stays. KRC Evacuation Stay Form

The following KRC Boarding & Training Facilities sponsors are willing to help house Evacuated horses if at the time of need they have space available.  Please note that these are all boarding and training barns and will require vaccination records for all horses.  Please be sure to organize these records and keep them handy should you need to move quickly.  If you have misplaced them now is the time to call your Vet and get those records sent to you.

The Barn

Betker Horse Park

Spirit Ridge Equestrian

The Kelowna Riding Club is a non-profit facility run by it’s members and volunteers. We welcome all new members, whether you are a rider in any discipline or a horse lover (non-riding memberships are available). We are not a boarding or teaching facility, rather we are a gathering place for equestrian sports. Members are welcome to use the four rings at our 10-acre facility to exercise and train their horses. We are located at 3745 Gordon Dr. in Kelowna’s lower Mission area.

The Club grounds are open from April 1st to October 31st from dawn to dusk and could be open early in the year or close later depending on the weather.

Please see the Members tab for  the Membership applications and rates.

Drop-ins: The Riding Club does allow for non-members to drop in for a ride for $25.00 per horse per day.  This option is not available if the club grounds are closed for any reason. Please check our website on the News of the Day, KRC Calendar and or Facebook  for Club availability. To drop-in you must have a HCBC current number, fill out a waiver form and leave a cheque or cash  in the box provided on the Clubhouse porch.  Waiver form: Kelowna-Riding-Club-Waiver-Formfill

E-transfer payment are accepted at (kelridingclub.payments@gmail.com).

Shelby & Willow Photo By Shelby
Kathrin & Allegro
Kathrin & Allegro
Audrey & Cappuiccino Photo- KRC Gallery

We also welcome coaches to come and provide lesson programs on site. We hope you will consider becoming a member of this Kelowna institution! The club is officially in its 50s but has been in existence since the early part of last century – perhaps as early as 1898! 

Please click HERE  to review the Kelowna Riding Club’s constitution and bylaws. As of Jan 6th, 2021.

Link to our Member’s Manual