In December 2021 the BC Fairs, Festivals, and Events recovery grant was approved in the amount of $13,290 for the Kelowna Riding Club. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia and are pleased to have these funds to assist with planning shows for the coming 2022 season. 

Horse Council of BC

In 2020, HCBC enabled the KRC to buy a shipping container to store our jumps. In 2019, both HCBC and the 55+ BC Games issued generous grants to make improvements to the footing in the Jumper Ring.

2019: KRC received the amount of $1058.00 for footing upgrades for the jump ring for the 55+ BC Games from a HCBC Core Grant.  We also received another $400 for food for the 55+ BC Games from our HCBC Zone Grant. 

In 2018 HCBC issued the Kelowna Riding Club a generous grant that enabled us to repair our irrigation. We couldn’t have done it without you, HCBC!


2019 KRC received $2,942.00 from the provincial organization, BC 55+ Games Society for the 55+ Games Equestrian.

2019: KRC received $500.00 grant from 55+ BC Games for a new trail obstacles: a new mountain trail bridge and a ranch trail gate from 55+.