Horse Council of BC

In 2020, HCBC enabled the KRC to buy a shipping container to store our jumps. In 2019, both HCBC and the 55+ BC Games issued generous grants to make improvements to the footing in the Jumper Ring.

2019: KRC received the amount of $1058.00 for footing upgrades for the jump ring for the 55+ BC Games from a HCBC Core Grant.  We also received another $400 for food for the 55+ BC Games from our HCBC Zone Grant. 

In 2018 HCBC issued the Kelowna Riding Club a generous grant that enabled us to repair our irrigation. We couldn’t have done it without you, HCBC!


2019 KRC received $2,942.00 from the provincial organization, BC 55+ Games Society for the 55+ Games Equestrian.

2019: KRC received $500.00 grant from 55+ BC Games for a new trail obstacles: a new mountain trail bridge and a ranch trail gate from 55+.