The Kelowna Riding Club is a non-profit facility run by volunteers. We welcome all new members, whether you are a rider in any discipline or a horse lover (non-riding memberships are available). We are not a boarding or teaching facility, rather we are a gathering place for equestrian sports. becoming a member of this Kelowna institution! The club is officially in its 60s but has been in existence since the early part of last century – perhaps as early as 1898!

The Kelowna Riding Club history in Kelowna and was first located at 4639 Lakeshore Road in the Mission. The house and barn have had a long history in the community, the house being known as the Ritz Café and the barn as host of the local riding club beginning in 1931. Barn dances were very popular within the riding community. Today the Kelowna Riding Club is located at 3745 Gordon Dr, in the Mission. Sitting on 10 acres the facility is an equestrian gathering place for equestrian sports.

The Riding Club is a non-profit society and run by enthusiastic volunteers of the local equestrian community.

The Riding Club has hosted both local and regional competitions:

  • The Kelowna Riding Club was a featured venue for the BC summer Games when hosted by the City of Kelowna in in 1980, 1994 and 2008. The City of Kelowna is now planning to bid for the 2026 BC Summer Games.
  • During the devastating fire of 2003 the grounds were busy as the Club became host to horse that were evacuated form their homes.
  • In 2012 the Riding Club grounds were used as the setting for of the movie Flicka – Country – Pride. Once the movie was out an outdoor showing was held on the riding club ground. As a result of the Club hosting the filming the speakers were upgrader and new bleachers built. 
  • In 2019 the Club hosted the 55+ BC Games Equestrian Events


The Kelowna Riding Club logo designed by Heather Schwebius in 2003/2004 reigned until July 1, 2021