Jump Course Weekly

KRC is implementing a Course Design that will be changed weekly. For now, the plan is that a new course design will be set each week.

The course will be designed by Caroline Weeks each week and will include important information like the distances (strides) on the course design so all riders can safely ride and school the course. 

We will be posting the weekly design on the website and on Facebook. Currently the day for setting will be Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.  If this schedule changes we announce the change here and on Facebook.

Please note:

  1. The course is NOT to be changed. Heights can be raised and lowered and if a distance is changed for schooling or a jump lesson then it must be set back when you are done. 
  2. Please put all the rails back if you use one to make trot poles or canter poles. Again, the jump course should be left ready to go for the next person. 
  3. Jump course will be changed each week. If there are any special requests for specific exercises i.e., a grid, or more roll backs, or a combination line, whatever, we are happy to accommodate this for the next week. Please send special requests to Amanda MacCormack and Caroline Weeks at: jcweekly@kelownaridingclub.ca



Hunter Jumper Classic 2019 Photograph by Totem Photographers Sumitted by Okanagan Restoration Services