Member’s List

KRC Membership List 2022

For 2022 we are giving KRC members the option to have their name listed on the KRC 2022 Membership List.  If a member chooses to be listed, they will be sent an e-mail to confirm so that we have it in writing.

The names that appear on this list will be first and last name only and will only have the names of members that want their name listed.  This list will not be reflective of the entire KRC Membership. 

Please note that the list will only be updated once a month.   The list will be updated for the first time in January 2022 and will be updated monthly for the remainder of the year.  This list is in the Member’s Portal on the KRC website and available to KRC members only and may not be shared or posted on another website, Facebook, or on any other social media platforms

Susanne Raye
Brenda Bennett
Deanna Snider Forder
Allison Covert
Jamie Demetrick
Louise Abbott
Lynn Arbuthnot
Audrey Campbell
Candy Van Hees
Gillian (Jill) Veitch
Raema Racher
Kelly Bose
Julie Loverin
Tori Hanson
Sheri Johnson
Karen Falloon
Pauline Schoenborn
Colleen Gay
Cindy Eeckhout
April Kelly
Darcy Henkel
Susanne Zimmermann
Judy LeBihan
Cathy MacDonald