New Member Information

Welcome to our New Members!

The Riding Club is open to all member for drop rides or lessons with an KRC approved coach.

General Rules:

  • Note there is no free lunging at the club and lunging is only allowed in the lunging ring to right of clubhouse.
  • All members shall follow the KRC bylaws, member rules and policies enacted by the KRC.
  • All riders must wear approved headgear while mounted on the grounds of KRC.
  • All manure deposited in the ring by your equine partner must be removed when you finish your ride.  There are forks and buckets supplied for your convenience.
  • Please be aware of the left hand-to-left-hand rules when riding with others in any of the rings.
  • Riding lesson on the flat and over fences should be booked on the Time Tree online app. to prevent overbooking.

COVID Restrictions:

We are watching closely the Provincial & Interior Health orders and will post on Facebook and the Website when there is a change to COVID restrictions.

COVID Rules:

  • If you have any underlying medical conditions, display any of the symptoms of COVID-19, are under quarantine or have a household member under quarantine we ask that you do not come onto the riding club grounds.
  • Please wear a mask when not mounted if social distancing of 3 meters is not possible.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer at the gate and bring your own if you are handling jumps etc.
  • Coaches will receive information about booking lessons on the online Time Tree app to ensure no overlapping.

Please respect social distancing rules with caretaker and all others