Spirit Ridge Equestrian

The evolution of Spirit Ridge came while Stacey, Sierra, and I were looking for a horse-friendly couple of acres to build a home on. We viewed several properties but none were what we were looking for. Then our coach told us of a property she heard about that was just a stone’s throw from Grandpa’s house and minutes from our business D&L Environmental Services.

It was much larger than we were looking for but the setting was beautiful! A complete equestrian facility, neglected for decades and in disrepair but the bones were good and we could see the potential, a diamond in the rough. It was way out of our realm and something we didn’t initially start out looking for but after many conversations with Sierra’s coaches, we came to the conclusion that with the right guidance and commitment from everyone we could revitalize this place and make a nice home for everyone. I was still wavering the night before we had to sign the papers, in the morning I flipped my day calendar and that day’s quote said; “Anything I’ve ever done in life that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death.” Was this a sign?

I’ll admit I was scared to death in the beginning, it was a huge undertaking and it would take expertise in areas we were unfamiliar with but we did have these amazing coaches, friends, and family that were willing to help.

And so we did it, we bought the place and the evolution began. Friends, family, riding students and their parents came in droves to help rip, shovel, hammer, paint, haul and reconstruct. We hired several contractors and in record time we had completely gutted and rebuilt the barn complete with everything we wanted. We welcomed input from everyone and ideas were put into action. It was a lot of fun working with all of our friends and our barn family, the place truly evolved through drawing on the expertise of everyone involved and a lot of hard work.

Our vision was to create a place where riders, parents, coaches, and horses could feel at home and be happy and well taken care of. A fun place with room for everyone, all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to reach them together. A place where everyone was accepted, encouraged, nurtured, and empowered. A place where winning wasn’t only reserved for the show ring but was achieved in the everyday life lesson this sport so generously gives to all who are lucky enough to be involved in it. We are truly blessed!

~ Melony Lund